Tether Tools TetherPro CUC2515-ORG USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable (4.6m Orange)

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  • Tether Tools TetherPro CUC2515-ORG USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable (4.6m Orange)
  • Tether Tools TetherPro CUC2515-ORG USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable (4.6m Orange)
  • Tether Tools TetherPro CUC2515-ORG USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable (4.6m Orange)
  • Tether Tools TetherPro CUC2515-ORG USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable (4.6m Orange)


With this orange, 15 ft long Tether Tools TetherPro USB Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B Male Cable, you can connect a camera, smartphone, or other USB Type-C device to a computer, for the purposes of transferring data. This cable supports USB 2.0 for data transfer rates of up to 480 Mb/s.

If you connect a camera to a laptop and your camera is compatible with tethering, you can use this cable to help increase productivity during photo shoots. Rather than proof images on your camera's small LCD, they are sent directly to a notebook's larger, hi-res display. Seeing images in this way helps to review them for slight imperfections that you may have otherwise missed.

To help enhance performance, this cable is fully shielded and plated to help minimize signal interference. Please Note: this cable is designed to be used for data transfer only, and not for charging devices.

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Type-C Male to 5-Pin Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B
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首1kg 運費 HK$30,後續重每0.5 kg HK$6。
快件重量計算方式為實際重量或材積重量,取較重者。材積重量計算公式為: 長X闊X高(cm) / 6000。


如購買防潮箱、背景紙及其他大型貨品,客人可使用自費客貨車送貨,我們可代為安排客貨車,買方需負責所有運送相關費用。貨車會由深水埗開出,有現貨商品一般最快可安排翌日送貨,當貨品準備好後,我們會聯絡您相約送貨時間,您需到樓下可停車處取貨及支付車費,司機會於出車前聯絡您確認收貨地點,客貨車運費可參考下表。收貨時請務必接聽電話。背景紙需加收$15拆半網費。星期日及公眾假期需收取$20付加費。如需進入停車場或超時等候,買方需要支付額外付加費。如司機因未能聯絡收貨人而折返,買方需支付額外來回運費。以下價格只供參考,實際價錢可能相差~$10,價錢未包括隧道費,以客貨車報價為準。 送貨上門服務費用另議($300起)。

九龍 港島 新界
深水埗 ~$60 灣仔 ~$140+隧 大圍 ~$100+隧
長沙灣 ~$60 銅鑼灣 ~$140+隧 沙田 ~$100+隧
美孚 ~$65 北角 ~$140+隧 火炭 ~$100+隧
大角咀 ~$65 鯽魚涌 ~$140+隧 深井 ~$105
旺角 ~$65 筲箕灣 ~$140+隧 井欄樹 ~$105
油麻地 ~$65 跑馬地 ~$145+隧 九肚山 ~$110
佐敦 ~$70 柴灣 ~$145+隧 馬鞍山 ~$115+隧
九龍城 ~$70 港大 ~$155+隧 中大 ~$115+隧
葵涌 ~$70 西環 ~$145+隧 小欖 ~$120
荔景 ~$70 西營盤 ~$145+隧 科大 ~$125
尖沙咀 ~$70 上環 ~$145+隧 大埔 ~$130+隧
九龍塘 ~$75 中環 ~$145+隧 馬灣 ~$130+隧
荃灣 ~$75 黃竹坑 ~$145+隧 屯門 ~$135
何文田 ~$75 渣甸山 ~$150+隧 藍地 ~$145
紅磡 ~$75 香港仔 ~$150+隧 粉嶺 ~$145+隧
土瓜灣 ~$75 鴨利洲 ~$150+隧 西貢 ~$145
慈雲山 ~$75 薄扶林 ~$155+隧 洪水橋 ~$150
黃大仙 ~$75 數碼港 ~$155+隧 上水 ~$150+隧
彩虹 ~$75 西半山 ~$170+隧 元朗 ~$160
順利村 ~$75 深水灣 ~$160+隧 天水圍 ~$160
青衣 ~$80 淺水灣 ~$160+隧 大棠 ~$160
秀茂坪 ~$80 赤柱 ~$165+隧 落馬洲 ~$160
藍田 ~$80 山頂 ~$175+隧 流浮山 ~$185
油塘 ~$85 大潭 ~$175+隧 東涌 ~$200
觀塘 ~$85 石澳 ~$190+隧 將軍澳 ~$105+隧


紅磡隧道 $50
東區隧道 $50
西區隧道 $50
香港仔隧道 $5
大老山隧道 $24
獅子山隧道 $8
將軍澳隧道 $3
城門隧道 $5
尖山隧道/沙田嶺隧道 $8
大欖隧道 $64
青馬隧道/青嶼幹線 --
柏麗灣專區橋費(上午10時至下午4時) $40
愉景灣隧道(每日上午9時至下午6時) $120
愉景灣入閘登記費 $24

Pick up in store: 

We will send you a WhatsApp message to inform you when the goods are ready. You can choose Sham Shui Po or Mong Kok to pick up the goods. You are required to show the message when you pick up the goods.

S.F. Express

The first 1kg shipping cost is HK$30.
Subsequent weight (per 0.5 kg) HK$6.
The weight of the shipment is calculated as the actual weight or the volume of the material, whichever is the heavier. The formula for calculating the volume of the volume is: length X width X height (cm) / 6000.
The above shipping costs do not include non-business add-on (HK$30).

Van Delivery Service 

The delivery charges are listed in the table above, while tunnel fees and other expenses such as parking are excluded. The delivery service is provided by third party such as GoGoVan. You need to pay for the delivery charges when the driver arrives at your location and hand over the goods. Please note it is not a door to door service. You need pick up the goods at a nearest area that possible for the van to stop a while. Please keep your phone on so that the driver can contact you during delivery.

Kowloon Hong Kong Island New Territories
Sham Shui Po ~$60 Wan Chai ~$140+ tunnel Tai Wai ~$100+ tunnel
Cheung Sha Wan ~$60 Causeway Bay ~$140+ tunnel Sha Tin ~$100+ tunnel
Mobil ~$65 North Point ~$140+ tunnel Fotan ~$100+ tunnel
Tai Kok Tsui ~$65 Quarry Bay ~$140+ tunnel Deep well ~$105
Mong Kok ~$65 Tsuen Wan ~$140+ tunnel Well tree ~$105
Yau Ma Tei ~$65 Happy Valley ~$145+ tunnel Jiubei Mountain ~$110
Jordan ~$70 Chai Wan ~$145+ tunnel Ma On Shan ~$115+ tunnel
Kowloon City ~$70 Hong Kong University ~$155+ tunnel Middle to large ~$115+ tunnel
Kwai Chung ~$70 Western ring ~$145+ tunnel Xiaolan ~$120
Scenery ~$70 Sai Ying Pun ~$145+ tunnel HKUST ~$125
Tsim Sha Tsui ~$70 Sheung Wan ~$145+ tunnel Tai Po ~$130+ tunnel
Jiu Long Tang ~$75 Central ~$145+ tunnel Ma Wan ~$130+ tunnel
Tsuen Wan ~$75 Wong Chuk Hang ~$145+ tunnel Trick ~$135
He Wentian ~$75 Jardine's Lookout ~$150+ tunnel Blue land ~$145
Hung Hom ~$75 Hong Kong guy ~$150+ tunnel Fanling ~$145+ tunnel
To Kwa Wan ~$75 Ap Lei Chau ~$150+ tunnel Saigon ~$145
Tsz Wan Shan ~$75 Pokfulam ~$155+ tunnel Flood bridge ~$150
Wong Tai Sin ~$75 Cyberport ~$155+ tunnel Sheung Shui ~$150+ tunnel
rainbow ~$75 Mid-Levels West ~$170+ tunnel Yuen Long ~$160
Smooth village ~$75 Deep Water Bay ~$160+ tunnel Tin Shui Wai ~$160
Tsing Yi ~$80 Repulse Bay ~$160+ tunnel Daxie ~$160
Sau Mau Ping ~$80 Stanley ~$165+ tunnel Lok Ma Chau ~$160
Lantian ~$80 Peak ~$175+ tunnel Liufu Mountain ~$185
Oil pond ~$80 Tai Tam ~$175+ tunnel Tung Chung ~$200
Kwun Tong ~$85 Shi O ~$190+ tunnel Tseung Kwan O ~$105 + tunnel


Toll and bridge fees 
Hung Hom Tunnel $50
Eastern Tunnel $50
Western District Tunnel $50
Aberdeen Tunnel $5
Tate's Cairn Tunnel $24
Lion Rock Tunnel $8
Tseung Kwan O Tunnel $3
City gate tunnel $5
Jianshan Tunnel / Sha Tin Ridge Tunnel $8
Tai Lam Tunnel $64
Tsing Ma Tunnel / Lantau Link --
Bay of Perry Bay Bridge Fee (10 am to 4 pm) $40
Discovery Bay Tunnel (9 am to 6 pm daily) $120
Discovery Bay Entrance Registration Fee $24
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